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Complete MOT Service Newton Abbot

An annual check of your car is a legal requirement so if you need a complete MOT service in Newton Abbot, then come to Monnington motors so that you can get your vehicle on the road legally and safely.

What is checked in an MOT ?

MOTs always seem daunting. You don’t want to hear the news that your car hasn’t passed its annual test. However they are necessary if your car is older then 3 years.

And at Monnington Motors, we are very thorough to make sure that all aspects of your vehicle are working correctly. After all, customer safety is our number 1 priority.

We check all the key safety features and structural soundness of your car in line with standard authority regulations. We offer competitive prices for our thorough checks, so contact us today for more information about a complete MOT service Newton Abbot.

What If My Car Fails?

Sadly, not all cars will pass their MOT. This means the vehicle did not meet the standard authority regulations, when this does happen action needs to be taken.

Necessary repairs must be taken in order for your vehicle to pass the safety check. Once the repairs have been completed by our experts, the vehicle will need a retest. Legally you are required to have a retest.

So if your car is due a check-up in the south of Devon, then contact or visit Monnington Motors for a complete MOT service in Newton Abbot.

complete MOT service in Newton Abbot


So as discussed, not all Cars pass. We at Monnington Motors go the extra mile for our customers when this occurs.

Majority of the time a simple repair is needed to get the vehicle up to regulation, however sometimes a more serious measure is taken. We want to assess all aspects again after the fail and as stated, we offer a FREE RETEST WITHIN 10 DAYS of failing the initial test!

Once your vehicle has had its complete MOT service in Newton Abbot and passed, you are free to roam the streets of South Devon.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if your car has failed!

MOT tests and Service Work Quotes

Every Garage has a maximum amount that can be possible charged for the safety check. This is £54.85 for a standard car, so if your vehicle passes then no extra cost will occur until the MOT needs renewing next year!

A complete MOT service Newton Abbot with Monnington Motors is no different with pricing, we will not change over this amount.

But if you are searching for specific prices on our garages quotes then please contact us.

If your vehicle fails, then obviously repairs are needed. It is very much depending on what is being repaired but regardless there will be an additional cost.

complete MOT service in Newton Abbot

As stated we offer a free retest if the repairs are done within 10 days ! so better to be swift then sorry !

Service work quotes again are dependant on the service. Vehicle Servicing is a necessity. If your vehicle needs a small amount of servicing, then a smaller cost will occur.

We have interim car services and annual services, with the interim (6 months) having a lower cost than annual.

We offer a range of car services, so to find out which beat suits your needs and requirements, please contact us or visit our garage!

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