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Car Diagnostics Newton Abbot

Sometimes an unexpected warning light may appear on your dashboard. If so, it is time to book your vehicle into our garage for car (engine) diagnostics in Newton Abbot. It is important to have regular diagnostics tests on your vehicle to ensure any otherwise unnoticed issues are diagnosed and fixed. With the many high-tech advancements in modern vehicles, it has become necessary for car repairers to implement advanced methods for auto diagnosis and repair. That is why Monnington Motors stay fully equipped by investing in the latest car engine diagnostic technology. We can get to the bottom of any issues facing your vehicle. So, call us to schedule car (engine) diagnostics today.

ECU Vehicle Diagnostics

Even vehicles of a basic specification now rely on an electronic control unit (ECU) to control electrical components. This can include everything from the motors operating windows and wipers through to more advanced sat-nav and audio systems. ECU vehicle diagnostics plug directly into the car’s onboard computer and shows us the fault through a generated code. We can then offer a free quotation on any repairs to resolve the issue and remove the fault code.

Car Warning Lights

Are you concerned about a car warning light on your dashboard? Understanding these car warning lights is valuable to avoid further, sometimes major, issues developing. Blue and green lights indicate that a system is operational, whereas a yellow or amber warning light will require some attention. However, a red warning light should be addressed immediately. If dealt with promptly, serious damage can be prevented. Also, in this case, for your personal safety, we recommend that you stop driving the car until it has been fixed. So, if a warning light has appeared on your vehicle, give our team a call for advice and to book diagnostics.

Why Do I Need A Diagnostics Test?

Due to digital innovation, identifying and correcting electrical faults is now near impossible without the intervention of diagnostics equipment. Faults are normally shown by way of a warning light or dash notification. Therefore, the likelihood is that diagnostic equipment will still be needed to turn off these warning lights and clear system error codes, even if you have fixed the problem. Monnington Motors has all the equipment to quickly diagnose electronic faults in your car and can offer competitively priced repairs, using like-for-like quality parts.

Courtesy Cars For Car Diagnostics

We offer courtesy cars for car diagnostics, as we understand the inconvenience of being without your vehicle. Often the need for diagnostics occurs unexpectedly. Therefore, you can rely on Monnington Motors to keep you mobile while we investigate faults in your vehicle. We will keep you informed during the investigation and provide affordable repair options to quickly get you back on the road. So if you require diagnostics, but have places to be, then call us to secure a courtesy vehicle.

Book Your Diagnostics Test

It is easy to book your diagnostics test in Newton Abbot with Monnington Motors. Just give us a call and our friendly advisors will find an appointment time that suits. You are welcome to sit and wait in our comfortable waiting room, take a courtesy vehicle or spend some time in town while we work. Meanwhile, we will look to get to the bottom of issues promptly and will liaise with you ahead of carrying out any repairs.

Car Diagnostic Quotes & Further Details

Contact Monnington Motors today to schedule car (engine) diagnostics in Newton Abbot. Our friendly and experienced mechanics can assist with all car care, servicing and repair work. Call our friendly local garage today for a quotation.

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