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What Does a Car Service at a Garage Include

Most people do not know the answer to, what does a car service at a garage include? So, here at Monnington Motors we are going to take you through what happens when you leave your car with us for its annual service. There are two kinds of car service that we can undertake.

The first is an interim service, which takes place every 6 months. If you are a regular driver and your drive long distances and rely on your car for work, this is the service for you. Otherwise the more standard annual service will more than helpful for standard car users.

When Should You Take Your Car For A Service

Having your car serviced is not a requirement by law but it can be great for many reasons. We have listed the most important below: –

-Hidden problems- when you take your car into the garage for your service, our skilled mechanics will work their way through your cars systems and highlight any issues or possible issues. They will then contact you and arrange the repairs. This can be a great way to combat small issues before they become big ones.

-Save Money- The above is leads on to the saving of money, which we can all agree is a good thing. Having your car in the best condition means that your fuel consumption is a its best and also keep your repair cost down.

-Extra money when selling your vehicle- Having a regular car service is a great sign that your car has been looked after and if you want to sell it means you may get a little more, when the buyer knows the car is in its best condition.

Does My Car Need a Service Every Year

It is best to get your car serviced every 12 months. As we have said above this regular servicing can not only keep your car running at tis best but also save you money too.

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