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Car Servicing Newton Abbot

There is an array of systems that are checked in a cars service. Here at Monnington Motors we check each of these to ensure your car is working at its best. Although a car service is not required by law, it’s a great way to keep ahead of any issues with your car. Below is a list of the main points covered and what you need to know about them: –

•             Engine- everything from the oil to the cambelt is check in the engine. This is the heart of your car, so needs to be at its best.

•             Fuel system- This step checks the fuel system in your car including the filter and the fuel lines.

•             Drive system and Brakes- This check is important; the power and safety system will be checked.

•             Steering and Suspension- This speaks for itself but is key to enjoyable and smooth ride.

•             Tyres and Wheels- There are legal requirements for tyres and having them checked at your car service is a great way to ensure they are perfect for your MOT.

•             Windows and internal Systems- This is the little parts that most forget about but still important.

How Often Should You Service a Car

There are two kinds of car service. The first is a semi-annual car service which is carried out about every 6 months. This doesn’t cover as much as a full service but is common with customers that use their cars for work. As this keeps their vehicle in tip top condition.

The second kind of car service is the one we all know about, taken once a year. The annual car service, as shown above, gives you the peace of mind that your car is working at its best and that any issues get picked up before they become major ones.

Car Service Newton Abbot

For your next car service in Newton Abbot, Contact Monnington Motors and our mechanics will take your car through each stage and have your car back with you in no time. As we have said, if you have any issues, we will contact you and discuss your options for remedy. Contact us today to book your service.

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