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Choosing An Independent Car Garage Over A Dealership

A recent online survey revealed that over 72% of UK motorists prefer to visit an independent local garage service over a main dealership for all their car’s maintenance needs. The benefits of each choice were outlined by those polled, and the results revealed that British motorists favoured independent garages for a variety of reasons including pricing, service, and staff.

Why Should You Use Monnington Motors Newton Abbot Garage Services?

Best Prices Local Garages

Independent car garages are renowned for having lower prices and better deals on car maintenance repairs than main dealer garages. This is aided by the fact that independent mechanics are open to offers, which means you may be able to bargain for a better deal or service.

Local Garage Services Newton Abbot

Local was cited by several of those polled as a rationale for choosing an independent automobile garage. Smaller, independently owned businesses are frequently preferred by motorists over large enterprises where minor repairs have little impact on profitability.

Personal Garage Service

Choosing a local independent car garage for your maintenance needs, you will find that your service is more bespoke and tailored to you and your car. Because major vehicle dealerships are extremely busy and see a large number of customers, they are unlikely to provide you with this kind of individualised service.

Friendlier Staff

Monnington Motors is committed to helping our community and upholding traditional family values. We will make you feel at ease, whether you are a regular customer or bringing your car in for a one-time service.

Value For Money Garage Services

One of the main issue’s motorists incur when they visit main dealerships is that they are often convinced that certain parts or repairs are necessary when they are not. Mechanics at main dealerships are specially trained to upsell, whereas independent garages simply advise you on what you need.

Local Mechanics

Although a dealership may appear more professional on the surface, you will be able to speak with the mechanic servicing your vehicle face to face if you take it to an independent garage. Many customers select local garages because they know the mechanics and feel confident in their service – in many cases, they have been bringing their car to that garage for years.

Newton Abbot Garage Services

Main auto dealerships are rarely located close to your home; you may need to travel to the next town or city centre. Independent vehicle garages are frequently found in villages and small towns, making them ideal for when you need a quick repair without having to go far.

Contact Monnington Motors

So, if you require further information from our specialist garage Newton Abbot, give us a call today. One of our expert mechanics or technicians will be on hand to offer their knowledgeable advice on any queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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