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Common Air Conditioning Issues

A car’s air conditioning can pack up on a hot day, therefore your commute to work and other travels will be warm to say the least. We all know how uncomfortable being stuck inside a hot car in a traffic jam is, so if your air conditioning is not functioning and blowing cold air – there could be a few things wrong with it.

Air Conditioning Recharging

One of the most common causes of an air conditioner not getting cold is that it needs recharging . This recharge of your refrigerant can be done by yourself, but professional mechanics like those at Monnington Motors will assist when you next service your car.

What Is Freon?

Freon is the chemical used in air conditioning units to cool the air. If there is a leak in the system, this will eventually run low or even empty. Today’s A/C systems require an exact amount of freon, measured in pounds to operate properly. The proper way to check the system for the correct volume of Freon is with a charging machine. This gadget essentially removes the gas first from the system then inputs the correct amount for proper operation.

Freon leaks can be very, very slow, and adding more Freon may lead to the loss of more cold air within a few weeks. It may be that your car components need to be checked and replaced if the problem is persistent.

The Air Conditioning Compressor May Not Engage

The compressor not engaging can occur for a variety of reasons. Failure can occur when there is an electrical problem in the compressors circuit or clutch.

Freon could potentially be low, or even the vehicle could be overheating. Today’s cars are computer controlled and one of the first systems that is turned off when the computer senses a problem in the engine is the air conditioning system. Usually, the malfunctioning part needs to be fitted by a qualified car mechanic.

What Is A Blend Air Door

In your cars ventilation system, there is a small hatch called the blend air door. When you turn your environmental system from heat to cold, the door should change from exerting heat to drawing in cold air. If it does not change, it could still be drawing heat from the engine and blowing it onto you – the last thing you need on a summer’s day!

You Can Feel Cold Air, But It Is Not Blowing

This could be that the AC system has stopped working entirely. It could be as simple as changing a wire or may need a new fan unit installed by mechanics. Again, this is not something you can really do yourself, as it requires disassembling your cars dashboard to reach the required units.

Other Air Con Issues

An A/C system is very complicated, and while there are simple fixes that can be done by the owner such as adding freon, there are many difficult issues as well. Trained mechanics are required for the minority of Air-Con issues, however with more severe issues, their services are required.

Air Conditioning Newton Abbot

At Monnington Motors, we handle all sorts of air conditioning recharging works and other A/C services in Newton Abbot & Torbay. Along with repair work, re-gassing and cleaning services that are carried out to ensure a long life of the system being worked on.

During servicing, leaks can be identified and dealt with, therefore diminishing the amount of recharged gas which has been lost. Contact us today to find out more about our air condition services.

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