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Devon Winter Car Checks

More Essential Winter Car Checks from Monnington Motors in Newton Abbot – As in our previous blog, if you get into the habit of putting a small amount of time and money into your winter car maintenance on a regular basis you will ensure the continuing safety when out and about especially in the Devon winter!

The Flat Battery

This may surprise you but did you know that most car batteries nowadays have an average life of around five years so if your cars battery is coming to the end of its life it is best to check it, or outright change it before the winter arrives in force and you get caught out on the Devon roads.

Including running out of petrol the common flat battery is perhaps one the most frustrating things to happen, especially in the winter cold snow and rain. The RAC states that this accounts for around a third of all vehicle call outs in the UK and it is easy to forget the additional strain batteries must deal with in the winter months with additional heating and the increased use of lights whilst travelling – so better safe than sorry and get it replaced.

Why You Should Check Tyre Pressures

Your car tyre pressure is as important to car safety, and this should be checked as frequently as possible. Did you know that the freezing cold air contracts, so the tyre pressure will reduce the colder it gets even though tyres will warm up once the car is on the road and travelling. Make sure you check your cars user manual for recommendations for cold weather tyre pressures and check them every week when cold – it is worth it believe me.

The Importance Of Checking Your Tyre Tread

Tyres are the most important part of your winter maintenance routine and checking the state of your car’s tyres can and would save your life and others on the road. Just remember that the wet Newton Abbot roads require deeper tread to maintain an acceptable displacement of water and prevent aquaplaning.

Tyres Garages Near Me

Significant changes in the tyre pressure could also be warnings of possible slow punctures or other related problems which are better dealt with while near Monnington Motors this weekend, in daylight, rather than on the side of the road on a dark wintery and cold night.

What Is A Car Emergency Kit

All the good motoring advice in the world is totally rubbish if you do not have an emergency plan for when things unexpectedly go pear-shaped. So, why not make sure you have a winter safety pack in your car or van and remember to tailor it to your specific needs, especially if you travel with vulnerable or young family members such as kids or the grandparents. In extreme circumstances, you could land up on the side of the road overnight and in this cold and windy weather that not good thing!

Garage Services Newton Abbot

Are you looking for a garage Newton Abbot for reliable car repairs and servicing? If so, look no further than Monnington Motors. We are a well-established, local company, made up of a team of professional mechanics and technicians. Monnington Motors is an approved member of Trading Standards, and can, therefore, offer a comprehensive range of specialist garage services.

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