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How Do I Prepare For My MOT?

If your car is over three years old, then it requires a MOT test every 12 months. The test ensures that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Unfortunately for many drivers, a lot of cars fail the assessments because of small issues that could have been repaired if checks had been carried out beforehand. Common problem areas include lighting, brakes and tyres, which you can easily check before booking your test. If you want to avoid the hassle and costs of getting your car retested, keep reading for our tips on inspecting your car.

Check Your Tyres

The legal minimum for tyre tread in the UK is 1.6mm, so it is important to regularly check your tyres. To quickly test your tread, simply slot a 20p coin in between the grooves. If you can see the rim of the coin, this means you need new tyres. You should also check the condition of your tyres, so look out for any cuts, bulges or any objects embedded in the rubber. Finally, if your car comes with a spare tyre this needs to meet the legal requirements as well!

Car Lights

The easiest way to check your lights is to get someone to stand by your car while you turn on all of your lights individually. Make sure you check your stop lights, rear and side lights, fog lights, indicators as well as reversing lights and registration plate lights. If any of the bulbs do not come on, then you should get them replaced before booking your MOT.

Test Your Brakes

Testing your brakes is very important for your car’s safety. You cannot do full checks without specialist equipment, however there are some things you can do that will identify problems. You can make sure the fluid level in the reservoir of the brake system is between the minimum and maximum indicators.

Also, you should pay attention to how your brakes perform when you are driving. If your steering wheel judders this could be a sign of warped brake discs, while if the pedal depresses too easily, this could be a hydraulic fault. If you suspect there is something wrong, do not leave it too late and book in for checks in a reliable garage.

Mirrors, Windows and Windscreen

Although small issues with your windscreen will not lead to a test failure, you should still keep it in good condition. If you have a crack or chip in the area of your windscreen wipers, this will fail the MOT. This section of glass should always be free of these weak spots, while any damage outside of this area cannot exceed 1cm in diameter. It is also important to make sure your mirrors are in good condition and securely fixed.

Exhaust Checks

There are some simple exhaust checks you can perform before a test. You can ensure that this part of your car is not corroded, and you can also listen out for any unusual or rattling noises when your engine is running. You should also be aware that if there is smoke coming from your exhaust then you may fail the emissions part of the test.

Condition Of Your Bodywork

The MOT test does not expect the condition of your bodywork to be perfect. However, you should ensure there are no sharp edges around your car, as well as checking your bumpers are secure and your doors are working from both the inside and outside. There must be safe access into and out of your car.

MOT Test Centre Newton Abbot

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