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How To Identify Faults With My Car

Have you ever been driving and heard a noise that didn’t seem quite right? Perhaps you’ve been holding off getting your car to the mechanic for a few weeks in the hopes that the squeaking will go away? While this can be costly to repair, it is important to understand how to extend the longevity of your vehicle parts and when they can be replaced.

Tyres In Newton Abbot

The legal minimum tread depth for tyres in the UK is 1.6mm. Expert research shows that depending on the weather conditions, which can be unreliable, in some cases 3mm is not even enough to break properly.

Tyres are a vital safety feature to your car and can also be very expensive depending on the car model, make and tyre type etc. To maximise the lifespan of your tyres, check them regularly in the centre groove of the tyre, the outer and the inner groove.

Balanced wheels and wheel alignment need to be checked as unbalanced wheels can lead to tyres being worn much before they should be, resulting in more spending and increased risk when driving.

Wheel Alignment And Tracking Near me

Incorrect wheel alignment has a number of drawbacks, including wasting petrol and prematurely rubbing out the tyres. The position in which the wheels are pointed at rest is referred to as wheel orientation. Hitting a pothole or a kerb will throw the car’s wheel balance out of whack and cause harm to the steering and suspension components. It is critical to ensure that your wheel alignment or monitoring is in the best possible place for your car’s protection.

Steering And Suspension Checks

A car’s handling is determined by a mixture of the steering and suspension systems. Shock absorbers, coil springs, and top mounts are among the elements of the suspension system, and connect with the steering system, which requires the CV joint, suspension arm, track rod ends, and steering rack to provide vehicle stability. The vehicle should be able to recover the energy from potholes and bumps in the ground using a mixture of mechanisms. There are some signs to watch for whether these devices aren’t running. Swerving, constant bouncing, and any sounds made when breaking are all common symptoms of suspension or steering problems.

Battery And Exhausts Newton Abbot

Your car would not operate if the battery is dead. The battery provides the vehicle with the electric energy it needs to generate mechanical force to drive the engine. The car battery can last as long as the drive belt and alternator are in good working order. Since car batteries deteriorate over time, they only last about 5 years, so it’s worth testing them every now and then. 

The exhaust system removes dangerous gasses from the engine and decreases fuel consumption. When starting the car, if you hear a rattling noise, this is a sign of an exhaust system going. They do deteriorate over time, so they need to be checked and kept in good condition.

Braking Checks

I’m sure you are aware; braking is one of the most important safety features of your car. Signs you should look out for are for a red warning light on your dashboard, the car pulling to one side during braking, the brake pedal feeling spongy, a metallic noise when you are braking and longer stopping distances when braking. If you are witnessing any of these it is worth getting someone to look at your car.

Garages Near Me

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