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My Air Conditioning Does Not Work

For many of us, the air conditioning in the car is something that is often forgotten about and seems to be a minor feature in the car industry – especially in the winter. However, anyone who has had their air-con breakdown on a scorching summers day will know, there’s nothing minor about air-con. Many people find themselves asking, How do I look after my air conditioning?

As with many other features of the car, it needs maintaining and repairing. Here are a few ways you can look after your air con and what you can do to help prevent it from ruining next summer!

How To Test Air Conditioning

It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. To test your air conditioning to see if it is performing to the best standard, turn it on and set it to 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature. A fully functioning air condition system should have no problems maintaining this temperature but if yours is struggling then this is the first sign of problems.

System leaks are quite a common cause of an air conditioning malfunction. This is a problem that can be fixed and shouldn’t be too costly. However, for newer model cards the air-con can be quite complex so it’s best to get a specialist to look at it to find out for definite what the issue is.

Air Conditioning In Older Cars

If you have a car that was manufactured before 1994 then you may experience more issues than others. This is due to the Freon refrigerant that was used back then, which has a negative impact on the ozone layer. The way in which these were refilled were not as efficient as the new and up to date way.

People used to temporarily solve the problem by refilling the air conditioning, which did nothing fix the leak and it just wasted time and money.

If you have an older model of car and you are experiencing troubles with your air conditioning, we recommend that you go to the professionals or manufacturers so they can correct or dispose of it in the correct way.

Air Conditioning Newton Abbot

For more information or to ask any questions on air conditioning in and around the South Devon area call us at Monnington Motors.

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