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Newton Abbot Tyres

Whether you are driving a car, motorcycle or a heavy truck, the experience of a flat tyre in Newton Abbot is quite inevitable – even if you have run-flat tyres. So, what are the main causes of flat tyres?

This extremely irritating setback can seriously jeopardise a driver’s safety. Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons it can happen, below are some of the most essential and critical:

Tyre Punctures

The most common reason for a damaged tyre is by a cut from a sharp item, for example, a nail or broken bit of glass. Your tyre will gradually lose air pressure (known as a slow puncture), eventually culminating in a flat tyre. This may occur on any route, so be extra cautious.

What Is Valve Stem Leakage

Another reason for tyre issues is the valve stem leaking without you being aware. The valve stem is the piece of the tyre that is unscrewed when you blow up your tyre. Any harm or even dirt on this little piece could make air spill out of the tyre until it is totally flat.

To avoid this, you should regularly check that the valve is tightly fixed on each wheel. Air will occasionally leak from the tyre bead, which is the tyre’s edge that rests on the rim. Contact Monnington Motors to see if there is a problem with the tyre, and one of our highly skilled technicians will inspect it for you.

Devon’s Potholes

Potholes, uneven roads, and unexpected debris can make your car’s wheels, axles, and undercarriage prone to damage. The more terrible the state of the street, the higher the danger of getting a damaged tyre. Drive safe on roads you are not used to – for your own safety and your wheels.

Why You Should Not Over Inflate Tyres

An over-inflated tyre can build up pressure and result in a blowout. It’s critical to keep track of your tyres’ maximum air inflation limit as a precaution. These info can be found in the owner’s manual for your car.

How To Prevent A Flat Tyre

You may be able to help prevent flat or blown out tyres with some preventative maintenance and pre-emptive steps. Run-flat tyres ensure that you can continue to drive for a short period of time despite a flat tyre – these are a good thing to have before you encounter a puncture. If you are interested in this or have any tyres that need replacing or repairing, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our garage.

Avoiding Tyre Damage

Even if it is sometimes inevitable, if you know you will be travelling near active construction zones or roads that are not the safest, try to find alternate routes. Punctures and damage to a tyre can be caused by sharp metals, glass, nails, and even potholes. When you hit a pothole, your tyres, wheels, and other automotive parts may be damaged.

Don’t Forget To Check Your Tyre Pressure

It is essential to ensure your car’s tyres are properly inflated. It has been suggested by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to use a tyre pressure gauge to check each tyre including the spare, at least monthly. This may seem laborious, but you never know!

Tyre Repair Near Me

If you are in or around the Newton Abbot area, do not hesitate to pop in during our open hours if you have any enquiries about your tyres or need a puncture repair. Alternatively, you can give us a call and speak with one of our experience’s mechanics.

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