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Safe Driving Advice Newton Abbot

At Monnington Motors, we have had many people come to us who have had accidents in bad weather, so we are here with some safe driving advice in Newton Abbot. It is easy to forget basic knowledge when the stress of British weather is getting to you so for your own safety, read on. If you do experience any issues or need further advice, be sure to call our Newton Abbot garage today.

Wet Weather Driving

An obvious, but often ignored, wet weather driving tip is to not go too fast! No matter how much confidence or experience you have behind the wheel, wet roads are incredibly unpredictable. Heavy rain results in a very slippery surface to drive on which doubles your stopping distance. Therefore, by driving slower, you’ll have more control and will be able to stop sooner. Corners should also be taken slower as you may not know what is around the corner and your car may spin out or even roll.

Tyre Checks Newton Abbot

Leading on from driving in wet weather, our tips on tyre checks play a massive part in getting from A to B. If your tyres aren’t safe, it may not matter how slow or careful you’re being. You should regularly check the tread level as this affects the grip you have on any surface and therefore the performance of your vehicle. You can come to us at Monnington Motors to make these checks for you if you aren’t sure, call us to make an appointment.

The pressure is also something you should check at least once a week during bad weather periods because underinflated tyres cause loss of grip. The chances of skidding and aquaplaning is increased if your tyres are not in the right condition.

Get Your Car Checked In Newton Abbot

Having optimal visibility when driving is always a must, but especially in bad weather, so car safety checks should be carried out before any journey. The two most important things to check are your lights, especially headlights as without these you won’t be able to see what’s up ahead. Hazard lights should also be checked in case you break down on the side of the road (so you’ll be able to be seen and not hit).

Ensure your windscreen wipers are in working order to allow a clear view out of your vehicle. You may want to replace or thoroughly clean these every few months as they can become dirty or broken. This may cause streaking on your windscreen which will create a distorted view.

Monnington Motors

Be sure to come to us at Monnington Motors Newton Abbot if you need any further advice or repairs done to your vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive in bad weather. We provide an excellent service for a competitive price and our mechanics are fully trained. Call our garage today to speak to a member of our team.

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