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The Difference Between Summer And Winter Tyres

Not everyone gives a lot of thought to whether they have summer or winter tyres on their car, but they have features that make them perfectly suited. Most choose to simply use all seasons tyres but changing them to the right season can give much better performance and handling. So, what is the difference between summer and winter tyres?

What Are Winter Tyres

Not just for snow, winter tyres are perfect for driving in conditions like rain and can greatly improve your stopping distance. With a higher rubber content than summer tyres, this allows them to stand up to colder temperatures. They stay flexible and improves their grip on the roads surface. Summer tyres don’t stand up to the temperature change as well and will not perform in the same way.

The groves in winter tyres are also specially designed to move water away and ensure the tyre stays in contact with the road. This greatly reduces the chances of aquaplaning. The same grooves will help in icy or snowy conditions too. Also, in snowy condition the deeper tread means there is better handling.

What Are Summer Tyres

Summer tyres have just a little less rubber than winter tyres, this makes them softer in mid temperatures and gives them better grip on the road. They will still grip the road in wet conditions too, which is ideal in the UK. Summer tyres are made for any temperature above 7 degrees. If the temperature drops below this, they can become brittle and not perform as well. This can have an effect on your cars fuel consumption too, having the right tyre doesn’t just effect grip.

Have The Right Tyre For The Job

Most of us would not want to change our tyres every 6 months to suit the weather but all seasons tyres are not really good at doing both seasons. Although they do work better than a summer tyre in the winter or visa versa. If you are not sure about the right tyre for the job, contact Monnington Motors and our team will be happy to help.

Tyre Service Newton Abbot

For the best tyre service in Newton Abbot, come to Monnington Motors and discover the difference. Our skilled team are happy to advise on the best tyres for the conditions your driving in and give the best quality every time.

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