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Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Car Serviced

When should you get your car serviced? The simple answer is every year! Most people do forget though. Keeping your service history up to date is a great benefit to you and your wallet in the long run. With your car being one of the largest expenses in your life, having a regular service will help to highlight any issues and keep your car on the road. We have put together the top 5 reasons to get your car serviced.

Having a Car Service Maintains The Warranty

A manufacturers warranty is like gold on a car. Keeping to the service schedule will keep your car covered should there be any major issues and protect you from major cost. Keep to the service conditions laid out by the manufacturer and ensure your vehicle is serviced at the correct intervals.

Keep Your Engine Healthy with Car Servicing

Designed to keep your car engine healthy, a service is a great way to achieve a regular maintenance schedule for your car. Oil and filters will be changed to prevent dust & dirt build up; this helps to prevent major issues. Helping to prolong your engines lifespan and consequently help your car overall last longer.

Car Servicing Ensures Your Car Is Safe

As part of your service most areas will be checked to see if they are running at their best and certain parts will be changed. Now, you can of course do some of these yourself but there will be areas that are missed and as a result potential issues could be missed.

Your garage will complete a complete health check of your car, ensuring everything is running as it should and ultimately safe to drive. The garage will then contact you if any major work needs to be undertaken.

Car Servicing & Your Cars Value

A car is an expensive purchase. Protecting your investment is key, should you wish to sell the car one day, having a full-service history is a great plus. Also, should your car need to be written off due to an accident, we hope not, but if this does occur with a full-service history. Your pay out from an insurance company can be more when the vehicle has a good service record.

Car Servicing Newton Abbot

Regular servicing will help keep your vehicle stays in excellent condition. If you do feel you need advice from an expert, be sure to call us to book a slot with an experienced garage mechanic. If repairs do have to be made you can count on us for the best prices and quality of service in Newton Abbot.

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