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Vehicle Maintenance Newton Abbot

To maintain the health of your car and ensure it runs properly for as long as it can, Monnington Motors are here to give you our best advice on vehicle maintenance Newton Abbot. We’ll help you with advice on saving money on repairs and purchasing new parts so be sure to read on.

Tyre Checks Newton Abbot

Regularly performing tyres checks on your tread depth will ensure they are performing at their best and so they don’t become unsafe or illegal to drive on. You can check this by doing the 20p test – placing the coin between the grooves and the outer trim being hidden is good, being able to see the trim means your tyres are worn too low. The minimum depth should be 1.6mm if you are measuring any other way.

Having your tyres balance checked will ensure they are all wearing at the same rate. The inflation pressure should also be correct as this will affect the wear. These factors also influence your steering so there are many benefits to making sure these are maintained.

How To Improve Car Steering

As well as maintaining the tread depth of your tyres, steering can be improved by ensuring the car suspension system is intact. Do this by checking the coil springs, top mountain and shock absorbers, or get one of our experts at the Monnington Motors garage to check for you. Book an appointment with us by calling today.

This is important for when you’re driving over uneven terrain, over a pothole or over speed bumps. You’ll have more control over your vehicle and will therefore improve the safety.

Car Batteries Newton Abbot

Cars need their battery to start and they recharge automatically when the engine is running, but only if the alternator and drive belt are in working order. If these are not looked after, as well as the battery naturally deteriorating over time, the battery will struggle to hold its charge. A sign of this is the lights of your car becoming dim, then you may need to look at replacing parts.

Exhaust System Checks

This is what the power output of your car relies on so performing exhaust system checks to ensure it works properly is key. It reduces noise output and controls the emissions your car emits to make it better for the environment. Its important you check this regularly, especially if you make a lot of short trips or drive on bumpy roads.

Natural wear and tear will happen over time so listen out for a rattling noise when you start, accelerate or brake and look for rusting around the tailpipe (exhaust).

Brakes Newton Abbot

We at Monnington Motors know a lot about brakes Newton Abbot. they are one of the most important parts of your vehicle for many obvious reasons. If you notice anything such as warning signs on your dashboard, a spongy feeling pedal or pulling to one side when driving, you will need to get them checked as soon as you can. We can do this at our garage to be sure to call us today.

Monnington Motors Newton Abbot

Come to us at Monnington Motors for expert advice on vehicle maintenance Newton Abbot. We perform quality car services and our team is fully trained to ensure you’re happy when you leave us. For more information on what we offer or to book a service, be sure to contact us today.

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