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Wet Weather Driving Newton Abbot

Monnington Motors have the best advice for wet weather driving in Newton Abbot, to ensure that you have a safe, cautious journey. The unpredictable British weather means that you need to be prepared to experience wet weather driving at any point In the year. Whether its pre-journey checks or tips for the road your looking for, this blog has everything you need to know – making your journey as stress free as possible.

What Should I Do Before Driving In Bad Weather?

If you are a new driver or just generally nervous about driving, you’d probably ask yourself “What should I do before driving in bad weather?”. The answer is simple, and to help we have broken the solution down into a simple checklist below:

  • Always check your tyres – Will the tread allow for enough grip in the rain?
  • Check all your lights – Whether it’s the interior or exterior, check every light. The last thing you want is a busted light in the rain
  • Plan a Journey – Try to avoid roads where traffic will be particularly slow as this is when accidents predominantly happen, whilst also avoiding roads with bad terrain
  • Always have your phone charged! – If you are involved in an incident, a charged phone means you can contact help immediately and let insurance companies now ASAP

If the weather is especially bad and continues getting worse, consider whether your journey is essential.

Bad Weather Driving Tips

As Monnington Motors have been in the industry for many years, we have built experience and knowledge on bad weather driving tips. Many of these may seem obvious to some, but you would be surprised what you miss when the stress and anxiety of risky journey kicks in.

On wet roads, it’s important to remember that stopping distance is doubled, meaning you should always give yourself a comfortable distance between you and the car in front. You need to be alert, taking regular breaks if you feel your concertation slipping. It’s imperative that all your lights and windscreen wipers are working properly, as you do not want to have low visibility in dark and bad conditions.

Always keep updated on traffic information on your local radio or even turn traffic alerts on your car if it has that ability. Avoid flooded roads if possible, even if the water seems shallow, as it can do serious damage to your vehicle and the depth is a mystery. Any water level that seems to be higher than ankle heigh should be avoided. Speaking of water on the road, never accelerate or drive at high speeds through running water. It is very dangerous and can cause aquaplaning –  when you lose control of the steering as your tyres are no longer gripping the road. Although it’s difficult in that moment, you MUST refrain from harsh braking and ease off the accelerator to slow instead.

Breakdown Recovery Newton Abbot

Finding breakdown recovery in Newton Abbot should be no problem. A simple google search ill bring up a list of phone numbers, but it is always worth keeping a garage’s number saved in contact in case of no/low service. When waiting for breakdown recovery to arrive, you should always find a safe secure location – preferably away from your car to avoid any possible danger.

Monnington Motors Newton Abbot

Don’t be afraid to pop into Monnington Motors if you feel your car is not safe for bad weather driving. Whether it’s just general checks or car repairs you’re looking for, our experienced team of mechanics can help you. Call us today to book an appointment or find out more about our local garage services.

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