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What Can I Do With My Car If I’ve Failed My MOT?

Failing your MOT is a headache no one wants to deal with it. Failures happen, and you should never assume that you and your vehicle are untouchable. It’s important to be aware of your options should the unthinkable happen, as well as the legal regulations to avoid a fine. To discover more, keep reading.

The MOT Regulations

So, what can you do after you’ve failed your MOT? Truthfully, not much. It’s illegal to drive your car without a valid certificate, and doing so can cost your license (and some hefty fines). This is especially true if your car has a serious fault that compromises the vehicle’s safety. Driving on the road could endanger the lives of others, which is why the penalties are so severe if you’re caught. To make a long story short, it’s not worth the risk.

Provided your car isn’t in scraps or a danger to the road, you’re allowed to take your vehicle to be repaired or retested at a certified testing station. These are the circumstances you can lawfully drive your car on the road, but only if your appointment has been pre-arranged. This can circumvent a fine if you’re pulled over by police.

Options After You've Failed Your MOT

If you’ve failed your MOT, you can repair and retest your vehicle. You can do this by driving to your local certified garage (in this case, our experts at Monnington Motors) to diagnose your vehicle and arrange a retest once our standards are met. If you’re eager to get back on the road, we can do this as soon as possible.

You can also declare your vehicle SORN (statutory off road notification), which is an official proclamation that your vehicle is no longer on the road. You’ll be exempt from paying insurance and tax while your car is in this state. If you expect your car will be out of action for the foreseeable, this will prevent you from hemorrhaging cash. To end the SORN, you need to reinsure your vehicle (and have a valid MOT).

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Scrapping & Recycling Your Car

What if your car is on the verge of falling apart and you aren’t interested in repairs? You have the option of scrapping and recycling your vehicle. This is a viable alternative, but there are some caveats to overcome. For example, even if you’re taking your car to be scrapped, you still can’t legally drive it on the road without an MOT. If you want to scrap your car, you’ll have to contact an authorised treatment facility (ATF) to pick it up for you.

If you want to take parts from your vehicle, you’ll need to declare it SORN beforehand. This is a legal requirement irrespective of a valid MOT. That way, you can work on it privately in your garage or driveway. If you’re skipping this step, your vehicle doesn’t need to be SORN’d before you scrap it. However, without an MOT, you won’t be able to drive it either way. You’ll still have to arrange collection with an ATF.

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To book an MOT or inquire about our services, get in touch with us. Our team consists of qualified professionals that can offer you support and guidance during your MOT or repairs. We can conduct service checks to make the process as painless as possible. For a competitive estimate, contact us today.

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