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What Is Checked In An MOT?

If you’ve ever been uncertain of what is tested in a MOT (ministry of transport) test, we have broken down what they are for and why they are important. Monnington Motors has comprehensive MOT services. We also have recommendations on the next steps to take and the considerations to remember!

If the car is more than three years old, it would need an annual safety inspection. This is to ensure that it complies with DVSA specifications. This is a legal requirement to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy.

You can also check when your upcoming MOT test is due! So, if you live in the Newton Abbot area, choose Monnington Motors and contact us today.

what is checked in an MOT

Car Parts Checked In An Mot

As previously said, the primary aspect of what is tested in a MOT is the vehicle’s ability to operate safely. However, certain components have been tested in greater detail.

An example of Some parts tested are:

  • Car horn function
  • Doors, boot, bonnet and bodywork
  • Brake system
  • Wheels and tyres

If the car has defective components that do not meet the minimum requirements, it will need to be re-tested for the repaired parts. It is to ensure that your car does not injure you or anyone. If you live in the Newton Abbot area, call Monnington Motors today for an MOT quote.

MOT Test Requirements

The car must follow those specifications. If your car is less than three years old, you are not required by law to have a MOT inspection. This is also valid if the car is more than 40 years old.

However, if the vehicle is between these years, you must get a MOT performed. Your vehicle must not only be of lawful driving age to pass the inspection, but it must also be operable! An automatic fail will occur if one of our trustworthy mechanics is unable to drive your car due to a malfunction. So, to save costs, get some big fixes finished before your next exam!

Evidence of the previous year’s certificate is the final requirement. This is necessary to insure and tax your car, so KEEP YOUR CERTIFICATE!

Even, if you are a new client to Monnington Motors, we would need evidence of previous MOTs in order to justify a new evaluation.


Book Car For MOT

If you believe your car is eligible for its annual inspection, it is best to be prepared and schedule it as soon as possible. You can even have a pre-MOT inspection if you’re extra prepared!

This helps us at Monnington Motors to recognise problems that are likely to cause a malfunction. We have an estimate on those fixes so you can get your car back in working order.

For more information, contact us to enquire about our MOT services in Newton Abbot and the surrounding area. Find out more on our MOT page too.

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