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When Do You Need To Get Your Suspension Checked

If your car has started to jitter & bump you may have issues with your suspension. Getting your car checked as soon as possible will help get it back on the road and driving smoothly. We have given you a list of common signs to look out for to let you know if you need to get your suspension checked.

Bumps & Noises

Your suspension springs are metal coils that absorb the road shock as you drive along. Should your journey start to become bumpy and a loud thumping, no matter how light the fault in the road, then it is time to get your suspension check as soon as possible.

Weak Tyres

Road conditions will influence your tyres, be it potholes or weather conditions, they can gradually wear away at your tyres. This influences your overall suspension system and can greatly impact on your stopping distance, this can be affected by up to 20%, also making your wheel alignment suffer.

Suspension Oil Leaks

If you notice that suspension oil has started to leak from your car, what should you do? This is a sign there could be a potential problem with your car, it’s time to get professional help, leaving this issue could result in major problems.

Any oil leak could be a sign of an issue but have a quick look will give you a better ideal of where it is leaking from. Either way, getting your vehicle checked will give you the peace of mind that your car is working at peak condition.

Suspension Repairs Near Me

Ensuring suspension is in the best condition is key to your overall driving experience. If you notice any of the above issues, contact your local garage. If you do feel you need advice from an expert, be sure to call us to book a slot with an experienced garage mechanic. If repairs do have to be made you can count on us for the best prices and quality of service in Newton Abbot.

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