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Why Purchasing Part Worn Tyres Is A Bad Idea

Investing in tyres for your vehicle can be daunting. With so many choices available from budget to premium tyres to new & part worn, it can be overwhelming knowing which ones are best for your car.

Often the quickest and easiest option is to go for the cheapest ones you can however, this poses many complications later down the line. For example, buying cheap tyres may mean that you wear the tread down faster and end up spending more time and money replacing them again.

Budget brand tyres may be the wrong tyres for your car and driving style however, there is one option that can be detrimental to your vehicle’s safety and that is part worn tyres! These are essentially any tyres that have been removed from a vehicle but still fit the legal requirements of damage, depth and tread.

Why Are Part Worn Tyres Dangerous?

When you think about just how much our car or van’s tyres have to go through you start to understand why unsatisfactory ones are so dangerous. By having tyres that are lacking in tread or grip, you are in essence fitting a faulty component to your vehicle.

Part worn tyres can substantially affect your ability to steer, brake and ultimately control your vehicle. Not only is this dangerous and potentially could cause more damage to your car but they also pose a risk to your health and that of every other road user.

worn tyres

As your tyres are the only point of your car that touches the ground, they are a significant road safety feature. As part worn tyres are fitted to your vehicle with less tread, they are already defective at the point of installation. Increasing your stopping distance & decreasing the level of control you have over your vehicle isn’t worth buying cheaper tyres.

Which Tyres Should My Car Have Instead?

wheels being checked by an engineer

Our team of expert mechanics are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to choosing and installing the correct tyres for your car. We can advise you on the most appropriate options based on your driving style and the amount of miles you travel annually. Often it can be more beneficial and more affordable to purchase premium tyres if you drive more miles than average.

It is recommended that when acquiring tyres, the cost per mm of usable tyre be considered rather than just the initial purchase price. In summary, when you buy and use new tyres, you will receive a lot more bang for your buck.

New tyres are typically sold with a tread depth of roughly 8mm. It’s not uncommon to see tyres that are only 2mm worn. The legal limit for tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, which means that low tread part worn tyres have far shorter driving time than new ones.

Contact Us For Information On New Tyres In Newton Abbot

For brand new tyres for your car in Newton Abbot and the surrounding area, contact our team of specialist mechanics. We are more than happy to advise you on the correct tyres for your vehicle.

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