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Car Repairs Newton Abbot

What do you do if your vehicle needs car repairs in Newton Abbot?

Naturally, everybody panics when their car is in need of repairs. And rightfully so as we couldn’t function properly without our cars. They are an essential part of our lives and therefore they need regular servicing and sometimes repairs.

Repairs are an essential part of keeping your car running, and we offer a range of repairs like brake repairs/clutch repairs or vehicle repairs.

If your car requires car repair in Newton Abbot or the surrounding areas then you can visit Monnington Motors or call us for competitive prices and high standards.

Signs My Car Needs Repairing?

If you ever notice anything different about your car, the way it feels or a different noise for example, it’s worth taking to the Garage.

As we are all aware, cars are an expensive necessity. So when you are ever concerned, don’t ignore it. A call or visit to our garage can save you money.

You don’t want any extra costs because you ignored that warning light on your dashboard. So any warning light is worth being checked by one of our helpful professionals. For car repairs in Newton Abbot, Monnington Motors is the way to go!

Car Repairs Newton Abbot

What Type of Repair Work Do We Offer ?

Vehicle Repairs are inevitable, so it is best to act quickly when you believe you need a repair. If you need car repairs in Newton Abbot, then Monnington Motors  is here with a variety of repairs:

Brake Repairs

Brake repairs are vital for vehicle safety. These repairs could include replacement of brake pads, brake discs, brake drums or even brake shoes.

Brakes are a primary service at our garage, as safety of our customers is our number one priority. So contact us for more Brake information and queries.

Clutch repairs

Clutch repairs can be a major task at any garage. It is a vital part of the cars operations and can become necessary over time, It can even effect gear changing and acceleration!

If you experience any of these symptoms, pay us a visit so we can look at the condition before it becomes a more costly issue.

Vehicle Repairs

The vehicle repairs we offer are extensive and thorough. We provide Fuel pump replacement, Engine or transmission repairs, Tyres, suspension and maintenance relayed repairs to name a few.

So if in need of car repairs in Newton Abbot, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Replacement Parts

Once you inevitably need a repair to your car, What do you do ?

Well firstly you are going to need a replacement part to get it back on the road.

We offer an extensive range of replacement parts at competitive prices. Whether it is a clutch replacement, a brake replacement or even Tyres, we have it all at Monnington Motors.

Replacing old parts can extend your cars life cycle by years. So check out our range of replacement parts on our website!

Car Repairs Newton Abott

Car Repair Quotes

With any quote on a vehicle service, it is dependent on the time taken and the parts needed. So If you need car repairs in Newton Abbot it’s best to contact our garage to get an idea on price.

We offer competitive prices on all our services but if you’re in need of a brand new clutch, then it will obviously be pricier then a tyre change!

Our team wont be able to give an exact price until we’ve seen your vehicle, so come to our Newton Abbot garage or please call us today. 

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