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Clutch Replacement Newton Abbot

Clutch replacement can become necessary over time due to the clutch wearing out. If you fear that your clutch needs replacing, visit our garage for clutch replacement in Newton Abbot. We have a team of specialist mechanics that can repair and replace your clutch in no time.

Signs of A Worn Clutch

A range of things can cause your clutch to become damaged, including age, high usage and skipping on regular services. Also, bad driving habits can have an impact, such as crunchy gear changes, improper hill starts or ‘riding the clutch’, which we have all been guilty of. Fortunately, you are likely to spot indications that your clutch is damaged ahead of it failing. Signs of a worn clutch include:

  • Clutch pedal feels spongy or sticks when depressed
  • Alternatively, the pedal may feel overly loose or vibrate
  • Lack of acceleration despite revving the engine
  • The clutch ‘slipping’, causing acceleration to drop intermittently
  • Difficulty changing gear, crunching gears or sticking in gear
  • The ‘bite’ point of the clutch is higher than normal
  • Burning smells emitting from the engine bay when pulling off

Importance of Clutch Replacement

You should not underestimate the importance of clutch replacement. A faulty clutch can result in far more extensive damage to your transmission, which can be costly to fix. Driving with a damaged clutch can be a safety hazard, both for the driver, passengers and other road users. If you experience clutch failure, you may find yourself stuck in a high-risk situation, particularly on a hill, in confined areas or on busy roads. The best way to stay ahead of clutch concerns is to maintain regular car servicing. However, if your clutch is damaged, then there may be some tell-tale signs.

Clutch Repairs

If your clutch is failing it is likely that a replacement will be required to repair your vehicle. We recommend replacing the full clutch system at this time, as the repair process is labour intensive. Partial repairs lead to uneven wear and further labour costs for you in the future. Therefore, a brand-new clutch system provides you with durability and is far more cost-effective in the long-term. Sometimes, servicing the clutch thoroughly and checking that it is not other components causing the issues can remove or delay the need to replace. Monnington Motors can identify what action needs to be taken and provide you with competitive rates for clutch repairs, whatever the make or model.

Need a Courtesy Car?

As previously mentioned, clutch replacement is a labour-intensive process. While we will always provide an accurate estimate on timescales, the likelihood is we will require your vehicle for an extended period. Therefore, we provide our customers with a courtesy car to keep them mobile or arrange local drop-offs. Let us know if you need a courtesy car when you make your booking.

Book Clutch Replacement

Call us today to book a clutch replacement in Newton Abbot or Torbay. Monnington Motors boasts over three decades of motor trade experience and we are always open and honest on price. So, to book clutch replacement from a reliable, independent local garage, just get in touch.

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