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Car Servicing vs Car Repairs: What’s The Difference?

It’s important to know the difference between car servicing and car repairs in order to anticipate breakdowns and severe damage to your vehicle. We understand that the automotive industry can be a complex area to navigate, so to help you understand the difference between repairs and servicing, we’ve written this guide.

Car Servicing Explained

Car servicing is the process of maintaining your vehicle through professional services. A technician will analyse components such as your oil and fluid levels, filter conditions and other moving components in the engine and suspension to ensure everything is in working order. The necessary repairs and replacements will be made for you, and this is also a good chance to inform your mechanic of any problems you’ve noticed whilst driving. By doing this, you can get the jump on potential future car troubles.

car servicing and repairs

The Difference Between Car Servicing & Repairs

The main difference between servicing and repairs is a matter of convenience and anticipation. Regular servicing will often circumnavigate the need for repairs. However, repairs can also be a part of the servicing process. The bottom line is that servicing covers car maintenance, whereas repairs are the act of fixing a broken vehicle. The majority of breakdowns can be avoided by maintaining your vehicle and replacing troublesome parts before they cause further issues.

How To Tell If Your Car Needs Repairs

Car repairs often present themselves with very obvious signs. Unfortunately one of the major indicators is your car breaking down or not starting. This type of sign doesn’t need explanation, however, there are smaller, more subtle signs you can look out for to anticipate a repair and avoid the major inconvenience of being stuck at the roadside.

Please see below a list of signs to keep an eye out for in order to avoid repairs at the roadside:

    • Spongey brakes
    • Grinding sounds from any part of your car
    • Crunching of the gears
    • Complete loss of power from engine
    • Loss of steering control
    • Poor clutch control – juddering or lurching forward

    • Involuntary loss of acceleration
    • Inability to go into gear
    • Rattling from the chassis or engine
    • The smell of burning plastic/rubber
    • Sliding on the road, either from slight breaking or accelerating
    • Rattling from the chassis or engine

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