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Driving At Night Newton Abbot

Here at Monnington Motors, we always want you to be safe driving, especially at night around Devon. It doesn’t matter if it’s going on a long journey or heading home from work, it’s important to make sure your vehicle and you are in the best condition. Sometimes it is to easy to forget the small things that matter in a car as we often only worry about the tyres and the brakes!

Why Visibility Is Vital When Driving

In low light situations it becomes harder to see clearly when driving. Depth perception, ability to distinguish colour and peripheral vison all worsen at night. By investing in high-performance headlights, you can increase the light on the road up to 150%. Remember correct alignment of your headlights is important. Over time they can slip out of position which means the light is not focused on the road and can lesson your ability to see the road ahead.

Also remember to make sure your windscreen is clean & clear, so you have the best view, don’t forget the side and rear windows too. The same goes for your rear-view mirrors, make sure they are clean and tilt them downwards slightly, so it keeps the light out of your eyes from vehicles behind.

Ensure Your Headlights Are Working

Keeping your headlights at their best is key and a legal requirement. Make sure you check that your bulbs regularly. All bulbs on your vehicle need to be working not just your headlights.

When you’re replacing your bulbs, always replace them in pairs. This gives you the best even view on the road and also allows other drivers to see you properly on the road.

Why You Should Not Drive When Tired

When driving at night being well rested is important. Falling asleep accounts for 20% of serious accidents on motorways in the UK. Make sure you are rested before you start your journey and take regular breaks, at least every 2 hours. The common mistakes are to have a caffeinated drink, open the windows to try & keep yourself alert and playing louder music, none of these are replacements for a proper break.

Monnington Motors Newton Abbot

If you have any worries that your car isn’t fit for driving at night, come to us at Monnington Motors and we’ll put your mind at rest. Whether it’s just general checks or car repairs you’re looking for, our experts can help you.

Call us today to book an appointment or find out more about our local garage services.

Garage Services Near Me

As fully qualified mechanics and technicians, we understand just how important it is to keep your vehicle safe and in good working order. As a result, we provide a comprehensive range of garage services, to suit any of our local customer’s needs. Whether you think there could be an issue with your car suspension, or need your air conditioning refreshing, we have all the necessary experience and equipment to help. The following list covers a handful of the garage services we can offer.

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