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What Is The Difference Between Economy Tyres And Premium Tyres?

When deciding on the right tyres for your vehicle it can be easy to get bogged down by the number of options available with a number of different performance benefits all of which vary very drastically in price sometimes. It can be complicated to understand the way tyres are sold sometimes, filtered by class and category such as ‘premium’ and ‘economy’.

The differences in these tyres however might appeal to you more than others thereby swaying your decision when purchasing. Here we’re outlining some of the pros and cons of both economy and premium tyres so you can be more informed when purchasing.

Economy Tyres

The clue is in the name with this type of tyre, if you’re looking for tyres on a budget then these are ideal. However, being an economy class of product, there are of course going to be compromised when compared with more premium versions.

Yes, they are great if you are tied to a strict budget and just need a new tyre to get you back on the road. When you start looking at purchasing new tyres, it’s important to take into consideration the load capacity and speed capacity of your vehicle. Two factors will dictate which tyres are suitable for your car or van. As well as this, finding tyres that match your driving style and the power of your car is important too.

The key benefit of purchasing economy tyres is that they are the most affordable option. That being said, generally, they will wear out faster than more premium versions meaning they may not be as cost-effective as first thought if you happen to drive a lot of miles. If you also have a more luxury vehicle then you may find that economy tyres may not suit the profile of the car to your liking.

Economy Tyres are ideal for vehicles that travel a smaller amount of miles on average, typically driving through towns or cities on a daily basis. Most suited to vehicles that experience a lower rolling resistance.

Premium Tyres

Premium tyres are the complete other end of the spectrum in terms of budget and performance. Most premium tyres have been specially developed to create a nice and smooth driving experience. However, these tyres do come with a higher price tag. If your vehicle has a more powerful engine than the average car then you may need more premium tyres to support the level of performance.

The difference between economy and premium tyres is that premium versions have been meticulously designed and tested to a very high standard to ensure they have the performance capabilities promised by the manufacturer. These tests are anything from high-speed performance, grip tests and the highest level of safety tests to ensure all road users that have them are safe at all times.

As these types of tyres have been tested rigorously and as a result tend to last longer meaning that often if you have a long commute or tend to drive quite far often, it might be more financially beneficial to purchase premium brand tyres over the economy.

Are More Premium Tyres Worth Buying?

This really does depend on your preference. Premium tyres will typically last longer than economy ones but again this can differ greatly based on your driving style. There are of course more expensive economy tyres and less expensive premium ones that are a great midway point in terms of performance, budget and durability which may suit your vehicle and driving style better than the more extreme options of both choices.

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