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Essential Car Maintenance

Neglect of a vehicle almost always leads to a breakdown. This proves that car owners should always stick to a servicing schedule tightly. At Monnington Motors, we know that vehicle servicing can be a chore, but it is necessary to ensure vehicle and owner safety. Anyone can learn to carry out basic car and motoring checks, by simply analysing your vehicle handbook and following the appropriate steps to ensure a thorough check.

Daily Car Checks

You should always know your car. Know how the engine sounds, how the brakes feel and how the steering feels. Anything out of the ordinary should not be put down to your imagination. Trust your instinct and investigate the reason or even seek advice from professionals.

Car Battery Replacement Newton Abbot

Breakdowns are commonly caused by battery related problems. Upon starting the car, the engine could feel slower when turning over – this indicates the battery is on its way out. If this is suspected it is always wise to take it to your local garage, were many perform battery check for free.

As well as this, keep an eye on the tyres; their importance cannot be understated and cuts, damages or reduction in pressure needs to be inspected ASAP. The fuel gage also is a main source of vehicle issues – an empty tank is far too common of a reason for a breakdown.

Weekly Car Checks

Tyres should be checked weekly among other elements of the vehicle. They are your only contact with the road and therefore need to be checked for appropriate type pressure level, as well as inspecting the spare.

The windscreen washer levels are also important to your safety as a driver. There should be a sufficient amount with a grease remover for bugs or dirt in the summer and ice in the winter. Poor visibility out of the windscreen is a common reason for accidents.

Monthly Car Checks

Checking the oil level is between the maximum and minimum mark of in the dipstick ensures your engine will run smoothly. Also check for enough liquid in the cooling agent. The radiator cap should be unscrewed and filled inside appropriately, as this is vital in the summer to stop your engine from overheating. Antifreeze mixture is also needed to avoid frost damage. Even a task as simple as washing the car’s interior and exterior can prove to be effective against rust and bugs!. Check tyre tread depths monthly. The optimal depth should be 1.6 mm, and a shortage could indicate suspension problems.

Car Checks For Long Car Journeys

Long journeys require a check of some vital car elements. Tyre pressure (spare included) needs thoroughly checking, as well as ALL fluid levels are topped up appropriately.

Garage Services Newton Abbot

If you’re in need of a reliable garage Newton Abbot, look no further than Monnington Motors. We are an experienced team of professional mechanics and technicians that ensure a thorough service upon every visit. Contact us today.

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