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At Monnington Motors Ltd, we get a lot of MOT questions. We are here to help you with all of these questions and more! Cars are an important part of our everyday lives, so they must be secure and dependable.

To begin, a MOT is a test that determines the safety of your car. The mechanism verifies the structural integrity and primary protection features. Being certain that your car is not a hazard to yourself or anyone.

If we haven’t answered your question in this blog, please call us today or come to our Newton Abbot garage. Visit our website to see a range of our programmes and for more in-depth MOT FAQs.


How Long Should An MOT Take ?

An MOT does not have a fixed time limit on how long it will take. It is determined by a number of variables. The total length of an examination would be 45-60 minutes. This is subject to the car passing. HOWEVER, there is still the risk that your vehicle will fail its inspection.

One of the most commonly asked MOT questions is, “What happens if my car fails its MOT?” – and the response is that your car needs repairs/fixes in order to move. It is a legal obligation that the vehicle be of standard specification. As a result, the required maintenance would necessitate a longer MOT operation.

You should still get a pre-MOT test at Monnington Motors to get ready for the test. This is used to determine what potential factors might result in a failure. So, if you want a faster MOT operation, come to Monnington Motors today and get your pre-test!

Can I Drive Without An MOT ?

You cannot drive without an MOT certificate. It is unconstitutional and would render your benefits void, as well as subject you to court action. So, if your car fails its MOT, Monnington Motors will have inexpensive repairs as well as a FREE RETEST if you want to get repairs finished within 10 days!

If you pass the test, that ensures your car is roadworthy and secured for you and others. But it’s best to be fast to get the fixes completed as soon as possible so you can get back on the track. To arrange a MOT test today, please email us or come to our Newton Abbot place.

complete MOT service in Newton Abbot

Book An MOT Today

It’s straightforward and appropriate. If you are a first-time user of Monnington Motors, you must decide if your car demands a test. Use the DVLA website to enter any basic information. If you need an exam soon, please email us so that we can set up a time.

We will set up an annual update for you after the MOT is completed so you never miss a test. Simply call our garage at 01626 363630 to book a convenient date and time – or visit our website! We hope that this has addressed all of your MOT FAQs, but if we haven’t, please contact Monnington Motors for more details about our tests or any other services.


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