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MOTs: What They Are And What They Mean For Your Car

MOTs are an important consideration for UK road users. They prioritise safety and minimise environmental impact whilst also helping to keep your vehicle in good health. If you’re wondering what this test is and what it means for your car, then read on for a brief overview.

What Is An MOT?

An MOT is a mandatory test that’s carried out on your vehicle each year. It’s enforced by the DVLA to ensure the safety of the driver, other road users and the environment. Additionally, it’s important that your car passes its MOT on time each year to avoid any fines. It’s vital to abide by MOT laws to ensure UK roads remain as safe as possible. There’s a reason the government enforces MOT inspections. A car with poor brakes, stiff steering and plumes of smoke coming out of the exhaust is unsafe for everybody, as well as the planet.

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The Difference Between An MOT & Servicing

MOTs and servicing are often mistaken for one another. It’s important to note there are some major differences between the two. Without knowledge of these, you could find yourself broken down at the roadside, or facing fines.



The Benefits Of Preparing For Your MOT

Preparing for your MOT is simply the process of servicing and maintaining your vehicle throughout the year, so there are no unforeseen issues on MOT day. There’s a wide range of benefits you can take advantage of through this preparation. Usually, if you book a test with a reliable garage, your vehicle will be ready a few hours later. However, if it fails, depending on the issues, you could be left without a car for much longer.

The main benefit of preparing for an MOT is avoiding these delays. However, there are other positives to preparation. See below for a brief overview of these benefits:


Services are often low-cost and quick if you have them carried out regularly. However, if you leave all the little issues until MOT day, these could add up to quite a costly invoice, especially if they’ve been allowed to snowball into more serious and expensive issues, such as worn-out brake calipers from old pads.

Car Health

A great benefit of MOT Preparation is the consistent car health it provides. If professional technicians are regularly replacing, repairing and monitoring the state of your vehicle, you can be confident your car will run smoothly all year round, and pass its test with flying colours.

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