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Weekly Car Checks

No matter what vehicle you own, weekly car checks should be carried out to keep it in the best condition possible. This way you can avoid surprise faults or breakdowns which could cost you a penny or two. Monnington Motors of Newton Abbot are here to provide you with three essential vehicle checks that we recommend making.

Correct Car Oil Levels Newton Abbot

Checking your oil levels is very important, especially before making a long journey, as the parts of your car need to be properly lubricated to perform properly. The way to know the level is correct is if the maximum oil mark comes between the two indicated lines on the dipstick. Check this a few times, being sure to clean the oil off each time you dip.

Now, just because the oil is a deep dark colour, that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be changed. It’s best to check the oil by rubbing it between your fingers or inspecting how light or dark it is up close. If you’re unsure, go to your local garage or us at Monnington Motors for professional help. This should be done monthly if possible so call us today.

Newton Abbot Windscreen Wiper Checks

Make sure your windscreen wipers aren’t leaving smears or marks on your windscreen as this disrupts your view of the road. Also ensure there is enough fluid for cleaning your screen and that if you notice any faults, you get them checked out immediately.

If you don’t check all the above, you may cause damage to your windscreen which can lead to complications in later driving.

Newton Abbot Tyre Checks

The recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle is found in your vehicle handbook. However, you may carry this around everywhere with you, so you can check online.

Also check for any tears, bulges or any other unusual marks and make sure they are legal to be on the road. You can check if you have the correct tyre depth by doing the 20p test, again you can go online if you don’t know what this is.

Monnington Motors Newton Abbot

Regular vehicle inspections are important and with the three quick check we at Monnington Motors put together above, you can now ensure you keep your vehicle performing as well as it can. If you require any services or need some friendly, professional advice, be sure to call us today. Or come to our garage if you’re in or around the Newton Abbot area.

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