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What To Do After A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful and scary experience. Whether the crash was your fault or not, it can be confusing knowing what to do next. Do you need to call the police? What details do I give? We will answer all of your questions in the article below, as well as offering our advice on what to do if you are stranded in a dangerous situation.

Stop Safely

Firstly, you must stop at the scene of the crash. The 1988 Road Safety Act says that drivers can be fined or even imprisoned if they do not pull over after an accident. If you can still drive your car, pull over to the hard shoulder, turn your engine off and put your hazard warning lights on. If the other driver fails to stop, try to note down their registration number and report them to the police immediately.

Call The Emergency Services

After you have stopped your car, it is important to assess the situation and call the emergency services you need. If anyone is injured, calling an ambulance is your priority. Dial 999 or use an SOS phone if you are on a motorway layby as rescue services will be able to locate you instantly. You should also call the police if the road has been blocked by the accident, or if you suspect the crash was on purpose or that the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Check for Car Damage

As nearly all of us carry a mobile phone, it can be very useful for taking pictures of any car damage. It can be difficult hours after a crash to try and recall specific details, so having pictures of the accident can help. It is also handy to make notes of the time of the crash, as well as noting what the weather was like and which direction you were travelling in. This information can be relevant when talking to insurers.

Get Insurance Details

For insurance details, make sure to get these at the time of the crash as you may need them later. Some injuries like whiplash may not show signs until a couple of hours later, so it is best to get there details just in case. As the driver, you are obliged to give your name, address and car registration number. You do not need to give insurance details unless someone is injured, however it might make the process run smoother if you do.

It is also important to avoid saying sorry after an accident. Although this does not mean that legally you are accepting the blame, a verbal statement could still be used against you and ultimately invalidate your claim and crash repairs.

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