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The MOT Checklist: What to Expect

Every year, road users are tasked with renewing their MOT. It can be an inconvenient time, especially if you’re not prepared for the possible outcomes. Most of the time if your vehicle is well taken care of and relatively new, it will pass without any issues. However, occasionally there’s a safety or emissions component that fails. Anticipating these kinds of problems can help you to avoid any unnecessary retests and delays.

Therefore, to help you ensure an MOT pass, we’ve created this checklist of what an MOT entails.

What Is An MOT?

An MOT is an annual service of the safety and emissions of your vehicle. It differs from a usual service because the aim and priority is not the health of your engine, but the safety of yourself, other road users and the environment around us.

As a result, mechanics will put your car through a series of tests ensuring each category is performing to government standards, this includes a number of components listed below.

MOT Safety Checks

MOT Emissions Checks

What Doesn't Get Checked?

The primary concern of an MOT is to guarantee safety in a number of areas. As a result of this, components such as head gaskets, oil levels and filter conditions won’t be assessed. For this kind of work, a general service is required. Additionally, an MOT is mandatory per government guidelines, and an MOT inspection is not something that can be carried out at an owner’s discretion. If you’re worried about the health of your engine and the functionality of your car we recommend contacting your local mechanic for car servicing.

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Get In Touch With Monnington Motors For MOT Services

As a family-run business of over 30 years, we specialise in a range of services including MOTs, servicing and diagnostics. Not only this, but we’re recognised as the independent specialists for a number of different vehicle manufacturers including Audi and BMW. If you’re looking for a garage you can trust that offers competitive prices, then get in touch with Monnington Motors today.

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